Published On: May 4, 2018

Flavor: Smoky and slightly sweet
Texture: Crumbly, yet creamy smooth
Country: Australia

Smoked Sharp Cheddar cheese from Australia is naturally smoked with wood from apple trees. This natural smoking gives the cheese a deliciously savory, smoky flavor, yet the apple wood enhances it with a characteristically smooth, slightly sweet flavor.

The flora and fauna of Australia is different from species in other parts of the world. High rainfall, fertile soil and lush, green pastures create the perfect environment for dairy farming. Cheeses from Australia have no added hormones, since the use is prohibited in there.

Origin: Australia
Flavor: Smoky and slightly sweet
Eat with: Smoked meats, toasted nuts and sweet apples. Shred it on quesadillas or pizza for a unique smoky flavor
Drink with: A full bodied Cabernet, Merlot or Red Zin, a dark ale or stout