Published On: February 16, 2018

Flavor: Sharp and salty
Texture: Smooth, moist yet crumbly
Country: Denmark

Danish Blue is a semi soft cheese, created in Denmark in the 20th century. History has it that caves were used to store many types of cheeses and other products. When the temperatures and moisture levels in the caves fluctuated, molds reportedly formed on some of the cheeses. Instead of cutting the mold off of some of the cheese, a worker tasted it and found it had improved the original flavor of the product. Further experimentation found that inserting the mold into the cheese produced even better flavor and texture.

The blue veins in Danish Blue are deep and intense. The interior is a stark white and a yellowish edible rind occurs as it matures. It has a wonderful smooth, moist texture that can be sliced, spread and crumbled.

Why you’ll love it

Origin: Denmark
Flavor: Sharp and salty
Eat with: Steaks or burgers. Bread and seasonal berries. Crumbled on salads or serve on a cheeseboard.
Drink with: Port wine, stout beer or a smoky scotch.