Published On: June 17, 2020

We may be postponing our travel plans at the moment but that doesn’t have to stop us from exploring the world through food!  Here at I Love Imported Cheese we’re big fans of seeking out authentic and iconic cheese-centric dishes from around the globe.  Join us for a little virtual tasting tour and try some of these dishes at home!

♥ Greece
Tangy, crumbly, imported sheep’s milk Feta Cheese is served on all kinds of dishes in Greece most notably your favorite summery Greek Salad with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onion, and kalamata olives. It’s the perfect dish to make with farmer’s market finds and is as sunny as a trip to the Greek Isles.  Another wonderful and unique warm-weather cheese from Greece is firm but melty Halloumi often served grilled as in our Halloumi and Vegetable Skewer recipe or even made into fries as we do here

Grilled Halloumi & Vegetable Skewers


♥ Spain

Tapas reign in Spain with an assortment of nibbles and small bites the primary menu items you’ll see across the country. One of the most ubiquitous and delicious tapas is Croquettes with Jamon and Cheese – a gooey molten cheese center with bits of salty Serrano ham that’s breaded and fried.  No Spanish tapas spread would be complete without some nutty imported sheep’s milk Manchego. For a taste of Spain try our Serrano and Manchego Party Bites recipe or create your own Spanish Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour at home with our ideas here!

♥ Italy

Home to so many of our favorite cheeses including authentic imported cow’s milk Parmesan Reggiano from Parma.  Italy is also the birthplace of pizza which was originally considered peasant food in Naples in the 1700’s. When Italy unified as a country in 1861 and Queen Margherita visited Naples she requested some local comfort food as she was tired of dining on high-end French cuisine.  She was served a classic pizza with mozzarella, tomato, and green basil in the colors of the Italian flag and thus the Margherita pizza was born!   For a taste of Rome look no further than the local specialty and current cult favorite Cacio e Pepe (or cheese and pepper).  This 3 ingredient dish is bursting with flavor thanks to imported sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano that combines with pasta cooking water to make a luxurious sauce.

Cacio e’ pepe

♥ France

The home of haute cuisine and everyday bistros, just about everything in France is beyond delicious!  Channel Champs de Elyse bistro vibes with a skillet supper riff on the classic soup in our easy French Onion Chicken with Appenzeller. Or enjoy some elegant appetizers for happy hour; Gougeres with Gruyere and Chives are savory cheese puffs that are deceptively easy to make and sure to impress.  Known for its extensive array of cheeses, you can also give your standard Mac and cheese a Francophile upgrade! Try a flavor bomb mix of nutty Comte, tangy goat’s milk Chevre, and meltingly buttery Camembert in our recipe for French Bistro Mac and Cheese

Cheese Recipes

French Bistro Mac & Cheese with Lardons


The Alps

Known for fresh air, gorgeous hikes, ski resorts, and hearty cozy dishes; get a taste of the Alps with warm melty Raclette.  Raclette comes from the French word that means “to scrape”. It’s often served in the center of the table on a “raclonette” designed specifically for melting and scraping onto potatoes, charcuterie, or bread.  You can also enjoy it in our classic French Tartiflette with Raclette – a luscious local specialty that’s basically the love child of a potato gratin and fondue!  Or for a speedy, easy little taste of the Alps try our Skillet Fondue for Two with imported Gruyere, Brie, and Swiss cheeses – just add cubed bread, sliced apples, and vegetables for dipping.

♥ The British Isles

Cozy pub fare is found everywhere in England, Ireland, and Wales with cheese of all kinds playing a prominent role.  Give your basic burger some fun pub flair with our Sharp Cheddar Stout Burger recipe.  Or do as the locals do and enjoy a Double Cheese Welsh Rarebit – this classic melty cheese toast is perfect for brunch or lunch featuring a mix of imported Stilton for tang and imported Gloucestershire cheese for it’s buttery goodness.  England is also the birthplace of all cheddar cheese and even the process of cheesemaking known as “cheddaring” (learn more here!) Do as the Irish do and enjoy it in our Bangers and Cheddar Mash with Guinness Gravy.  This savory combination of cheesy mashed potatoes and crispy sausage (called bangers for the “pop” they make when cooking) will take you on a mini tasting trip to beautiful Ireland.

Double Cheese Welsh Rarebit


Hungry for more? Enjoy a virtual Scandinavian Cheese and Travel Adventure with us!