Imported Cheese Recipes

Side Dishes

Baked Swedish Farmer Cheese in Phyllo

Farmers Cheese is a staple in Swedish homes. It's so creamy, versatile and delicious, they put it on everything. We baked it in crispy phyllo and drizzled with honey. It makes a perfect snack.

Caramelized Honey Whipped Brie

Deliciously creamy and velvety, this whipped brie is topped with caramelized lemon honey, walnuts & cracked black pepper. It'll have your guests going back for more and more.

Reuben Stromboli with imported Swiss

@haveucoveredinthekitchen made this stromboli with imported Swiss cheese and all the amazing flavors of the classic Reuben sandwich. Don’t forget the spicy Russian dressing for dipping!

Marinated Comté Cheese

This recipe for marinated Comté from @thecheesepoet is the perfect gift for the gourmand in your life. Once the cheese has marinated for about one week, the flavors of the garlic, lemon, and

Phyllo Skillet Pie with Manchego

This unique and flavorful savory pie would be perfect for brunch, lunch, or a fun vegetarian main dish for a dinner party. Imported sheep’s milk Manchego cheese from Spain melts into tender

Fig and Pecorino Romano Scones

These sweet & savory scones get a major flavor upgrade from sharp, nutty, lightly tart imported Pecorino Romano cheese. Serve these at your next brunch or to accompany braised meats or stews for

Italian Fonduta

You’ll love Italy’s take on luscious fondue called “Fonduta”. Traditionally made with just imported Fontina cheese, milk, butter and egg yolks. Fonduta gets all its rich, lightly sweet, buttery,

Apple Butter & Comté Rugelach

These buttery, flaky pastries are sweet and a little savory. The apple butter is creamy and fruity and the Comté cheese adds the perfect hint of nuttiness. Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Wild Mushroom, Potatoes & Gruyere Tart

Mushrooms & potatoes are topped with creamy, nutty imported Gruyère cheese and baked into a buttery, flaky puff pastry. This tart is so easy, make it for the holidays or for breakfast and brunch

Comté Biscuits & Gravy

This southern specialty is a favorite brunch dish, comforting and filling. We added Comté to both the biscuit and the gravy! Enjoy!

Manchego & Black Pepper Popovers

Popovers are light, airy and eggy. Imported Manchego cheese adds a burst of fruity, tangy flavor. Serve them warm with butter or jam. Perfect on your brunch or dinner table.

Comté Ice Cream

A loaded ice cream, like Chunky Monkey or Rocky Road with delicious bites of hazelnuts, cherries, and Comté.

Philly-style Comté Cheesesteak

Step up to an imported cheese cheesesteak. The savory and nutty flavors of 12-month aged Comté along with its ability to melt into an oozy layer of cheesy goodness makes it a perfect match the

Gouda Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby or German pancake is a light and puffy treat. We fill ours with Imported Gouda and then add more on top, right out of the oven, so it's warm and melty.

Berry and Chèvre Galette

If you haven’t ever made a galette you’re in for a treat! These easy rustic fruit pies are an easy, elegant treat for a dinner party or just because. Our version features dark berries, tart

Porcini Risotto with Pecorino

The classic northern Italian rice dish gets a delicious upgrade with the addition of tender, umami-rich porcini mushrooms and the sharp, lightly salty tang of imported sheep’s milk Pecorino

Baked Italian 4-Cheese Dip

This rich, creamy, spreadable dip is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. A mix of imported Parmesan, Provolone, Fontina, and Mascarpone gives the perfect blend of sharp, nutty

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