Published On: May 22, 2024

The right wine pairing can transform any meal into a memorable experience and even more so when your favorite imported cheeses are involved!

Imported goat’s milk and sheep’s milk cheeses are incredible to enjoy on their own as well as in your cooking and hosting.  Here’s a guide to pairing them with wines that complement and enhance their unique flavors and textures as well as recipe inspiration for you to try for your next dinner party.

Pecorino Romano and Chianti

Pecorino Romano, a robust sheep’s milk cheese from Italy, is known for its sharp, salty flavor and crumbly texture. This cheese pairs beautifully with a classic Chianti from Tuscany. The wine’s acidity and fruity notes balance Pecorino Romano’s saltiness, while its tannins cut through the cheese’s richness. Pop a bottle of Chianti with our One Pan Cacio e Pepe for an easy but incredible weeknight dinner!

Cacio e Pepe Color Corrected small cropped

Cacio e Pepe

Manchego and Tempranillo

Manchego, Spain’s famous sheep’s milk cheese, offers a firm texture and nutty, slightly tangy flavor. Pair it with a Spanish Tempranillo for a true taste of Spain. Tempranillo’s medium body, with its hints of cherry and tobacco, complements the flavors of Manchego, while its moderate acidity and tannins provide a balanced finish.  Try this pairing with our Manchego Stuffed Flank Steak with Spanish Romesco Sauce.

Manchego Flank Steak sm

Manchego Stuffed Flank Steak

Chevre and Sauvignon Blanc

Chevre, a fresh goat cheese, is creamy with a tangy, citrusy flavor. Its bright acidity and light texture pair exceptionally well with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. The wine’s high acidity and herbal notes complement the cheese’s tanginess, while its citrus flavors enhance the Chevre’s fresh profile, making for a classic and perfect pairing!  Enjoy these easy Honey, Pistachio, and Mint Chevre “Eggs” paired with Sauvingon Blanc for an elegant appetizer at your next dinner party.

Honey, Pistachio and Mint Chevre Eggs

Bucheron and Chenin Blanc

Bucheron, a French goat cheese, offers a unique texture and tasting experience: a creamy, soft center with a firmer, more tangy rind. We love to pair Bucheron with a Chenin Blanc, a delicious white wine from the Loire Valley in France (and also grown in South Africa). Chenin Blanc’s versatility and balanced flavors compliment both the creamy and tangy elements of Bucheron, making for a delicious pairing you’ll love.

Feta and Assyrtiko

Feta, the iconic Greek sheep and goat milk cheese, is briny and crumbly, with a tangy bite. Pair it with Assyrtiko, a white wine from Greece. Assyrtiko’s high acidity and mineral notes cut through the saltiness of Feta, while its citrus and stone fruit flavors complement the cheese’s tanginess.  Serve some with a batch of our Easy Spanakopita Bites with Imported Feta for a taste of Greece at your next gathering.

Crottin and Sancerre

Have you ever heard the wine pairing saying “what grows together, goes together”? Here’s the perfect example! Crottin, a small goat cheese from the Loire Valley France, is known for its firm texture and nutty, tangy flavor. You’ll love it paired with Sancerre, a white wine made with Sauvignon Blanc wine from the same region of France. The wine’s crisp acidity and mineral notes enhance the tanginess of the Crottin, while its citrus and herbal flavors balance the cheese’s nutty creaminess.

Roquefort and Sauternes

Roquefort, a French blue cheese made from sheep’s milk, is creamy, tangy, and intensely flavored with deep blue veining. We love it classically paired with Sauternes, a sweet dessert wine from the Bordeaux region of France. The wine’s rich sweetness and notes of honey and apricot balance the pungent, salty flavors of Roquefort, creating an incredible pairing. Try it for your next dessert cheese course and thank us later!

Ricotta Salata and Vermentino

Ricotta Salata, an Italian sheep’s milk cheese, is crumbly, mild, slightly nutty, and delicious in all your spring and summer salads. Pair it with a Vermentino, an Italian white wine produced in both Sardinia and Tuscany. Vermentino’s crisp acidity, floral aromas, and citrus flavors perfectly complement the slightly salty flavors of Ricotta Salata. You’ll love our Spring Pea Salad with Lemon, Mint, and Ricotta Salata paired with a crisp Vermentino for summer picnics and parties.

Spring Pea Salad Vertical

Spring Pea Salad

Which pairing will you try first?  Enjoy!