Published On: March 18, 2022

Make Mine a Mini! How to Make the Best Char-Cuties

Here at I Love Imported Cheese we love building and sharing gorgeous, abundant cheese boards but it’s also fun to showcase your favorite imported cheeses in an adorable, smaller format for ease of serving and a modern touch.

Meet your new favorite for everyday snacking, happy hour, party-hosting, or a sweet little dessert course…The Char CUTIE!

These miniaturized imported cheese serving ideas can be done in a variety of ways for all manner of situations.  Here are some of our top tips plus some inspiration for you!

  • Get creative with mini serving vessels. You can save and repurpose small condiment jars, pick up mini mason jars online, or check your local party store for mini disposable plastic or bamboo cups.  You can also stick with small serving bowls or ramekins, make paper cones out of parchment or butcher paper, or go for cupcake liners arranged on a tray.  Any mix of small serving pieces can work!
  • The same rules apply as when building out a mega-cheeseboard..just scale things down! Offer a mix of your favorite imported cheeses like chunks of Swiss, Gruyere, Cheddar or Gouda, wedges of Manchego, Pecorino, or Brie, or small hunks of crumbly cheeses like Stilton, Parmesan, or Mimolette. Cut them into individual bites and arrange with mini portions of typical accompaniments like olives, nuts, dried or fresh fruit. Bonus points for tucking in some fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, or thyme for color, scent, and a pretty look!
  • Think vertically. When it comes to JAR cuterie or mini cups you want to add height to your display to create interest, a pretty look, and for ease of snacking. Tuck a tall grissini or flatbread cracker in the back. Use skewers to arrange folded charcuterie or an olive stuffed with imported gorgonzola like we do here tucked into a cup with fresh fruit and hunks of cheese.
  • Don’t forget the power of a simple skewer! Arrange mini brie bites with fresh berries on a platter with a side basket of baguette for the perfect brunch or dessert course or go savory with skewered cured meats, pickled veggies, and hunks of cheese with grainy mustard on the side for dipping.
  • You can also use your mini-moment to really highlight ONE standout imported cheese selection. When you score a rare imported cheese or want to put the focus on one find you can create a micro-cheeseboard experience JUST for that cheese like we did here with honey drizzled stilton with sage, berries, and spiced nuts as an after dinner option.

It’s fun to get creative with different flavor, color, and texture combinations to enjoy!  Which Char Cutie will you try first?

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