Published On: November 25, 2017

Crafted in mountain chalets in the Swiss Alps from the raw milk of cows grazing on green grass and flowers, L’ Etivaz is a delightfully aromatic hard cheese named after the village of its origin.

What makes L’Etivaz so special is that it is made in small batches by only a select group of producers during the months of May to October when the cows are grazing in the lush Alpine pastures. Following strict artisanal procedures, the cheese is made in traditional copper cauldrons over open wood fires, and then aged 5 to 13 months on spruce planks in mountain caves before it is eaten.

The result is a cheese that is both rich and intense with a firm texture and a fruity, nutty flavor – a wonderful addition to any cheese plate or melted on your favorite dish.

Why You’ll Love It

Origin: Switzerland
Flavor: Aromatic. Fruity. Nutty
Ripening: 5 – 13 months
Eat with: Apples, grapes, figs and almonds
Drink with: Chablis, Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah wines
Medium-bodied Ales and Hard Cider