Published On: December 5, 2022

When it comes to holiday hosting a gorgeous cheese and charcuterie board or simple cheese plate is a staple on the table.  Imported cheeses of all kinds make for wonderful hosting gifts too packaged up with a pretty serving board, crackers, cured meat, dried fruit, nuts, and jams.  At the holidays it’s always wonderful to make things a little more festive and special with a unique and elegant imported cheese selection instead of your usual standbys.  Here are some of our favorite holiday imported cheese choices for every taste:

Bloomy Rind Brie Style Cheeses

A simple pastry wrapped baked brie is a long-standing holiday favorite, but why not wow your friends and family with a fluffy, luscious triple creme instead?  Try a French Brillat Savarin, St Andre, Delice de Bourgogne, or Explorateur. They all have a rich, smooth, soft center and lightly sweet-salty flavor that pairs deliciously with jams and fruit.  You can also try a Cremeux de Bourgogne from Burgundy; sometimes made with a layer of truffles for an extra wow factor!

Give Your Goat a New Twist

The tart, creamy flavor of goat’s milk cheeses such as imported Chevre are a favorite all year long to top salads or enjoy on your cheeseboards.  For the holidays it’s always fun to mix things up and introduce your friends and family to the deep, rich flavor of aged goat’s milk cheeses like an Aged Goat Gouda or imported Garroxta from Spain.  They have a depth of flavor and smooth finish to win over even those who claim to not like goat cheese.  For a fun holiday twist you can also serve Queso de Murcia al Vino PDO from Spain – it’s wine washed rind adds flavor and flair.

A Holiday Classic Blue

When it comes to long-standing holiday traditions it’s fun to look to Victorian England for classics like Charles Dickens “Christmas Story” or serving a wheel or wedge of imported Stilton cheese.  Made since as far back as the18th century; Stilton has long been associated with the holidays. Wheels made from plentiful summer cow’s milk begin to ripen toward the end of fall and are at their peak throughout winter making them perfect for gifting.  This nutty, sharp, blue cheese is also a traditional treat at the end of a meal with a glass of Port or Madeira and gingerbread cookies.

A Holiday Take on a Favorite

Cheddar cheese is the #1, top selling, favorite cheese around the world and always a hit on a cheeseboard or in your recipes.  Take the favorite and give it a holiday-special update by opting for rich, nutty, crumbly imported Aged Cheddar from Ireland, England or Australia.  As it ages the cheese develops a slightly tangier finish, some earthy notes, and some hard salt-like crystals that add an incredible, flavorful crunch to each bite.

Feature Festive Holiday Flavors

An easy way to add a holiday twist to your cheese selections is to seek out cheeses infused with holiday flavors and ingredients like cranberry, ginger, truffle, or herbs.  White Stiltons are available with Apricot and Ginger or Cranberries, take your simple log of imported Goat Cheese and roll it in chopped fresh herbs, or seek out an imported Edam with Peppers or Havarti with Dill to add a pop of color and flavor to your typical cheeseplate.

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