Published On: October 8, 2018

Flavor: Fresh and milky, slightly salty
Texture:  Creamy & Firm
Country: Italy

Ricotta Salata (or salted) is a hard Sheep’s milk cheese, originating in southern Italy. The cheese is made from the whey part of the sheep milk, it’s then pressed, salted and aged which extracts the moisture and compacts the curds, giving it its’ firm texture.

Its’ smooth white appearance is distinctive to Ricotta Salata. The flavor is fresh and milky, similar to Ricotta, but slightly salted. Unlike ricotta, however, the creamy, yet firm texture of Ricotta Salata makes it a versatile cheese, perfect for slicing, grating or crumbling.

Why You’ll Love It

Origin: Southern Italy
Flavor: Fresh and milky, yet slightly salty
Eat with: Roasted beets and pistachios, on a watermelon salad with balsamic, on crostini drizzled with honey
Drink with: A light, crisp Pinot Grigio or dry Rosé