Published On: August 3, 2018

Flavor: Fruity, nutty with a slight gaminess. Varies by age.
Texture: Firm and creamy
Country: Spain
Noted for: A characteristic herringbone pattern on the rind

One of the most popular cheeses from Spain, Manchego is made with sheep’s milk from Manchega sheep in the La Mancha region. The rind is inedible and has a characteristic herringbone pattern that’s pressed into it as it’s drained and molded in a patterned basket.

Typically aged for 3 to 9 months or more, the cheese becomes slightly drier as it ages. It’s often used for cooking, but best when enjoyed on its’ own to enjoy the unique flavor and texture.

Why you’ll love it:

Origin: La Mancha region of Spain
Flavor: Fruity, nutty and slight gamy or meaty
Eat with: Marcona olives, Serrano ham and slices of rustic bread
Drink with: Spanish Rioja or light Rosé