Published On: June 7, 2018

Flavor: Intensely rich and buttery
Texture: Luxuriously creamy and soft
Country: France

The first Triple Crème Brie originated in Normandy, France in the early 1900’s. Extra cream is added to the curd and then the Brie is made in small wheels. Law requires triple Crème Brie’s to contain at least 75% butterfat.

The snowy white rind on the Brie is there to protect the cheese and is created by a culture of molds and yeasts blooming on the outside of the cheese. And yes, the rind on Brie is meant to be eaten, so enjoy!

Serving tip: Triple Crème Brie is best served at room temperature to reach its peak flavor and creamy texture, so try to be patient and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

Why You’ll Love It

Origin: Normandy, France
Flavor: Intensely rich and buttery
Eat with: Baguette and a little fig jam or apricot marmalade
Drink with: French Champagne and raspberries