Published On: February 21, 2019

Dutch Goat cheese is a semi-firm cheese, made from pasteurized goat’s milk.

Dutch Goat cheese has a pale ivory interior and smooth, sliceable texture. Unlike the tart flavor you would associate with fresh goat cheeses, Dutch Goat cheese is aged and has a mild, caramel flavor so it’s the perfect cheese for people new to goat cheeses.

Flavor: Mild, caramel notes
Texture:  Semi-firm, creamy, and sliceable
Country: Netherlands

Dutch Goat cheese is is a must on cheeseboards, it’s surprisingly versatile and easy to pair with so many different accompaniments. Also,
• Cube it and add to a salad of fresh spring greens, strawberries and cashews.
• Slice it for snacking and enjoy on crostini with berry jam or preserves.
• Serve for dessert with a drizzle of orange blossom honey and fresh berries

Why You’ll Love Dutch Goat Cheese

Origin: Netherlands
Flavor: Mild and creamy, caramel notes
Eat With: Pears, grapes, salted nuts, light crackers or crostini
Drink With: A crisp Rosé or buttery Chardonnay