Girls Night In Inspiration

Jet-setting with your girls around the world might not be in the budget right now, but you can bring the globe to your girls by creating a culinary adventure for your next GNI.

The Destinations

Your itinerary for the evening isn’t complicated, but it is tasty. Serve imported cheeses from faraway destinations as the main dish for the party, along with fun cocktails, fruits, nuts and breads that complement the featured flavors.

Really amp up your globe-trotting gathering with some unique cheeses from a variety of different countries, like:

  • Abondance from France
  • Afuega’l Pitu from Spain
  • Asiago from Italy
  • Egmont from New Zealand
  • Gruyère from Switzerland

Or any of the other endless varieties of decadent cheeses now imported from around the globe. Be adventurous and pick ones you or your girls haven’t tried before.

The Invitations

Keep the travel theme going with invitations modeled after old-fashioned paper airline tickets. Include all the essential information, like the date of departure — the party date — and the countries you’ll be “traveling” to during the evening via cheese.

The Entertainment

Experimenting with all the different imported cheese flavors will definitely inspire a few laughs — and some serious girl bonding time — but the trip isn’t over once the food is gone. Instead, complete the “trip” by surfing Netflix for a travel film like Chocolat, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Like Water For Chocolate. Under the Tuscan Sun or Lost in Translation.

At the end of the night you’ll all feel like you just went on a tasty jaunt around the globe —without the jet lag!