Serve it Up

While there should be no hard & fast rules when it comes to serving something as delicious as imported cheese, follow some of these simple tips to make the most of the tasting experience for your friends and family.

  • Serve at Room Temperature. Your cheese’s full flavor won’t emerge right out of the refrigerator. Depending on the cheese type, a good rule of thumb before serving is around 30 – 60 minutes (hard cheeses may take a little longer to come to room temperature).
  • Say “No” to Cubes. Pre-cutting your cheese not only takes away from the dramatic appearance of an array of wonderful wedges and wheels, it can also lead to drying out the cheese.
  • To Rind or Not to Rind. Depending on the cheese type, rinds can be a delightful part of the flavor experience, particularly with bloomy, smoked and washed-rind cheeses. Serving cheeses with their rinds also helps guests distinguish one cheese from another.
  • A Few More Knives, Please! While your guests may not always follow the unspoken rule of mixing different cheeses with the same knife, increase your odds by providing different knives for each cheese you’re serving. Space out cheeses on a larger board, or on separate flat plates with the appropriate knife to further increase your odds.
  • Wrapping it Up! Cheese is way too special to go to waste. Be sure to wrap any leftovers properly to preserve their natural flavors and aroma. Wrapping each cheese in cheese paper is best, but wax or parchment paper will do just fine. Place each cheese in separate, partially sealed plastic bags and store in your refrigerator’s vegetable compartment.