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Summer Grilling with Cheese

With the warmer temps and longer days summer is all about spending time outside with friends and family.  Even better, you get to skip the hot kitchen and take advantage of backyard grilling!  Here are...

Have You Tried These Sheep’s Milk Cheeses?

Sheep’s milk brings an entirely different flavor profile to the cheese table; from subtle and approachable with a bit of sweetness. to tart and briny cheeses, and those with notes of caramel, butterscotch, and pepper.

Get to Know Your Cheesemonger

Do yourself a favor, next time you’re at your favorite cheese counter introduce yourself to your local Cheesemonger and let them guide you on a world of imported cheese tasting adventures!

P.D.O. Cheeses

What is the P.D.O. monogram found on some imported cheeses? Protected Designation of Origin is a seal of authenticity and means the cheese has a special connection to the terroir from which it’s made.

Comté Cheese from France

Take a tasting tour of Comté cheese from France. We’re exploring one cheese at three different ages, to learn how aging affects flavor. Comté is a raw milk cheese from grass-fed local cows of the...

A French Cheeseboard

Tour of our French Cheese Board. Explore, Crottin, Brie de Meaux, Langres from France.