Imported Cheese Dictionary


Imported cheese takes us on a trip around the world like no other. Whether your heart belongs to styles that are creamy, crumbly, subtle, or bold, imported cheeses offer something for everyone to love. With thousands of varieties to discover, capturing the spirit of the countries where they were made, imports are the cheese lover’s passport to a global tasting tour.

Cheese Glossary

Savor the Extraordinary

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, from some of the cleanest environments on earth, imported cheeses add flair, sophistication and culture to your culinary life. Serve them as a centerpiece to your next event and spark interesting conversations about faraway places. Share stories of places you’ve been or dream of going. The endless varieties will transcend the ordinary and evoke an experience you’ll surely love.


Imported Cheese Information

The heart of the imported difference lies in a commitment to Old World authenticity. For centuries, master artisans around the globe have produced the finest cheeses with passion and pride. Their time-honored recipes and meticulous production techniques have been passed down through generations of cheese makers to ensure the very highest quality. Each cheese style embodies not only the distinct heritage of the region where it originated, but also the legacy of its producers.

To be sure you’re getting the authentic imported cheese experience, make sure the words “Imported from” the country of origin is printed on the label.

Taste the Adventure

With such rich history, imported cheeses transport us across both miles and cultures. Through the imported experience, we’re able to explore places we haven’t yet visited, or reignite memories of our favorite trips abroad. Let your next taste of cheese whisk your taste buds away to the English countryside, the quaint terrace of a French café, or a vibrant German Biergarten. Imagine yourself shopping at a market on a cobblestone square in Holland, or recreate an unforgettable dish you had on a trip to Italy at home.

To discover imported cheese is to discover an authentic taste of the world.

What’s not to love?