Published On: July 28, 2022

No trip to France in your immediate future? No problem!  Take a mini tasting tour at home with one of these easy to make, iconic French dishes featuring some of our favorite imported cheeses.

A Classic Croque Madame

Let’s start our tour with a staple at French bistros that’s perfect any time of day.  A Croque Madame is a  savory, pressed sandwich of ham, imported Gruyere, and a luscious cheese sauce that makes a wonderful brunch, lunch, or speedy dinner. Fun fact! A Croque Madame is topped with a fried egg reminiscent of a ladies’ hat, while a Croque Monsieur goes eggless and “hatless”! Try our recipe here

Croque Madame

Croque Madame

A Bistro Staple French Onion Soup Gratin

No trip to Paris would be complete without sitting at an outdoor bistro with a baguette and a bowl of Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée or French Onion Soup.  It’s easier than you think! Rich, buttery, lightly sweet caramelized onions in broth are topped with a luscious, melted layer of nutty imported Gruyere – try our version with a crispy cheese covered toast for topping, dipping, or scooping. Try it here.

A Riviera-Inspired Baked Brie with Ratatouille

 In summer and fall the French Riviera is bursting with fresh produce from eggplants, peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes and from all that goodness the classic vegetarian stew “Ratatouille” was born.  Try our incredible twist on the dish by baking it in a wheel of imported French Brie.  Just add a warm baguette and prepare for raves!  Here’s how to.

Baked Brie Ratatouille

Baked Brie Ratatouille

A Cozy French Tartiflette with Raclette

Originally from the Savoy region of France and popular with skiers in the Alps; this hearty and comforting potato, onion, bacon, and cheese casserole is the perfect cold weather side dish to enjoy with grilled or roasted meats.  Our version features imported Raclette cheese for a meltingly delicious fondue-like finish.  Get the recipe here!

Hungry for more?  Try hosting a French Wine and Cheese tasting! It’s the perfect way to relax with friends or family and sample a mix of more incredible imported cheeses from France.  Check out our guide here.