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Imported cheese takes us on a trip around the world like no other. Whether your heart belongs to styles that are creamy, crumbly, subtle, or bold, imported cheeses offer something for everyone to love. With thousands of varieties to discover, capturing the spirit of the countries where they were made, imports are the cheese lover’s passport to a global tasting tour.

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Pack up your taste buds and prepare yourself for a journey to faraway places. With hundreds of varieties to choose – from mild to bold, creamy to crumbly, your fromage experience is a never ending adventure.

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  • FLAVOR: The taste and texture of Comté changes as it ages. A young Comté generally has aromas of fresh butter, dried apricots and soft caramel, whereas a long-matured Comté will be more fruity, spicy and nutty.

  • NOTED FOR: This famous AOC cheese from France is made from raw cow’s milk and ripened in dark caves for 4-24 months. A truly special cheese, serve Comtè on a cheese plate for your guests, shred it in gratins, soufflés, sauces or quiches, Pair with dry white wines, or a sparkling wine.

  • COUNTRY: France French Cheese

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